5 Great Ways For Business Firms To Boost Their Social Media Presence

The power of social media is growing every day, making it one of the most sought after place for business expansion. It is no wonder how important and indispensable it has become to optimize your business presence on various platforms.

From cultivating a positive brand image and interacting with consumer base to resolving queries and even making sales, the benefits you are set to reap in terms of business growth are immense and unprecedented.

At SocialXpand, we provide you with the necessary tools to augment your social media presence greatly. It allows you to explore the business potential of various platforms to the fullest.

social media marketing portal

From managing business pages and reputation monitoring to live social media marketing portal tracking for the analytics – our tools let you manage all in an immaculate and productive manner. For more details, visit us at SocialXpand. For immediate assistance, call us now at 917-818-4550.

Keep reading to know top ways that ensure a significant boost of your business on social media.

1.Network Selection

Since the inception of Facebook, way back in 2004, things have drastically changed. Now there are numerous platforms out there vying for the supremacy. However, from your business perspective, you must choose only those that have the real potential to propel your growth.

From the expert’s point of view, the following ones can effectively work the magic in your favor.

1)Facebook: This platform is undoubtedly the most vivid and widespread network with a whopping 2.2 Billion active users every month! With such numbers, the potential is simply unprecedented.
2)LinkedIn: It’s a dedicated platform for pure business networking in terms of both B2B and B2C. It’s good to place to engage and build trust amongst all the concerned parties involved.
3)Twitter: Twitter is a place to create disruption by breaking news, trending content, and making big announcements. Undeniably, it’s the fastest route to spread a word far and wide.
4)Pinterest: Another popular place where you need to have the presence of your business account. In fact, it is one of the most visually appealing platforms where you can showcase your products and services in the form of beautifully created ‘pins’. Since most of the people look up Pinterest for ideas nowadays, it is one sure shot place to give a major boost to your sales.

2.Work on the strategy

An important step towards the goal of business expansion is the driving strategy. You need to do a complete recce on the following parameters.

1)Deciding on your target audience. For example, if you are a high-end cosmetic brand, your audience would majorly comprise of working women.
2)Deciding on the topics of interest for your consumer base.
3)Working on the content and graphics for the same.
4)Deciding on the platforms where you will be publishing your content.

All the parameters need to be worked out in advance in order to gain the maximum benefits.

3.Content creation plan

You need to be constantly active and engaging on your social media accounts in order to gain maximum traction.

To target a niche audience, quality content is required. What is more important is that it needs to be in sync with your prospect’s interest level as well. All this requires planning, hiring resources, and hours of preparation to put the right foot forward.

Alternatively, you can invest in our tools at SocialXpand, which can help automate the whole process. The result is the quality content creation in the minimum possible timeline.

What’s more? You can also do live tracking on the social media marketing portal to understand how your various posts are faring across social media.

4.Automate Posts

When you are operating on a higher level, you have the responsibility to take care of the post management. As the business grows, so does your frequency to showcase the latest. As the content increases, there are chances to miss out on things.

Best way to address this problem is to schedule and automate your posts in one go so that the software takes care of the timely posting part without your further involvement.

5.Active Engagement

Nothing beats the practice of regularly engaging your client base, resolving their queries, and offering the best solutions on the go. It is the best way to enhance your PR. No wonder, best responsive businesses are known to be high on productivity as well!

Step up your game further by running social contests and deals from time to time to augment the consumer interest. Our tools can help you achieve this more easily and seamlessly. Call us at 917-818-4550 to know more.

All the above practices implemented diligently at various social media platforms can give a serious push to your business goals.

Regular reputation monitoring and drawing analytics from social media marking portal will further help you stay on top of your game. For more details on these social media marketing tools, get in touch with us now at SocialXpand.com


Author: SocialXpand

Experience one-stop solution for social media marketing with socialXpand. We offer exclusive white reseller label opportunities to both individuals and businesses.

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